Sometimes stain removal can be a real challenge, as in the case where children thought it would be fun to put makeup and nail varnish on their dog. This is not recommended. The dog didn’t like the look so decided to use the carpet to remove the makeup as can be seen in the picture below. Clearly with such a vast amount of staining, a combination of products and techniques was needed. Fortunately our customer trusted Chemspec to have the best products to maximise performance but we wonder what the dog used?

When we use a combination of products it is essential to understand the type of products and how to combine them. Often it is necessary to apply a specific product for one element of soiling, then rinse before applying a different product for another part of the problem stain. In this case these serious stains required a sequential application of 3 Solvent products, Heavy Duty Soil Lifter., T.I.G., an Ink and Grease Remover and P.O.G. for Paint, Oil and Grease followed by Liquid High Heat, a hot detergent to rinse and remove all traces of the spotter residues. Companies like Chemspec describe and divide solvents into 2 groups, Wet solvents and Dry solvents, more correctly known as Polar and Non- Polar solvents.


A Polar solvent will mix with water and hence dissolve water based stains where non-Polar solvents will not, but will dissolve soiling that doesn’t dissolve in water, like oils. Alcohol is Polar whilst our Dry Fabric Cleaner, for example, is non-Polar. Chemspec chemists are highly qualified and experienced and often blend Polar and non- Polar solvents into one product to boost performance.

Heavy Duty Soil Lifter is one such product. Designed primarily as an upholstery pre-spray, it is a very clever blend of Polar and non-Polar solvents plus detergents that will suspend, dissolve and loosen a wide range of both water soluble and dry solvent soluble soils. Liquid High Heat was chosen as the final rinsing detergent as its acidic pH guarantees fibre and dye safety and it always provides impressive cleaning results. Without the right knowledge it is unwise to mix products together, such as mixing a deodoriser directly into a cleaning solution, as one product can neutralise and reduce the effectiveness of the other. It is best not to mix products but to apply one after the other, brushing in each time. Chemspec, however, managed to combine the two with a complicated formulation in Kill Odor Plus, a Traffic Lane Cleaner and Deodoriser in one very effective combination. Extract courtesty of Chemspec Europe.